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CHOCOLATE IS NOT BETTER THAN SEX -feature film details

BREAKING (good) NEWS: DEATH DREAM IS NOW COMPLETE AND READY TO SHOP AROUND!!! Thank you for all those that participated (250 to be exact)
More details to follow…

Behind the scenes of our shoot

Here are just some of the great projects we are working on this year but first see where it all started in this special interview.
In The Blink Of An Eye-INTERVIEW


MyiTelevision: “Hip, Slick and Cool – Today In Los Angeles-Tomorrow in New York”

The Guitar Player Movie

Tow Me Home *the radio soap version

The Cody Story of Courage and Faith


Emmett Deemus

21 Days

Live With It

Epic Online

The Three Wise Men


Bend Over – The HOLLYWOOD Survival Guide

Before The First Dawn

Chocolate Is Not Better Than Sex

Tacos and Talk – table talk show

Rebecca’s Clothing Swap Travel Show

Bound By Honor

The Apartment

The Ascent-A 3D Climbing Experience


Paranormal Wacktivity


Living Without Knowing

From Punk To Pastor

Empty Hands

Mike Bara's World

The Winds of Change

Murphys Creek

Kentucky Horror


The Three Tonys

Humble Pie

The Ultimate Chess Move

The World Dance Awards

The French Maid

The Michigan Windmill

The Devils Inside

Rampart-The Comedy Series

Sinbad the Fifth Voyage

The World Peace Concert

The LA Music Awards

The Reel Deal

The Making of A Hollywood Mayor

The Back Door Is Always Open-A Guide To The Top

The Book Of Hope And Kind Words by Tony Boldi
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From Punk To Pastor

PROJECT 1 (From Punk to Pastor) in development

(click book cover for interview on TBN with Dr. Anderson)


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Doc Joseph Anderson-BIO

From an early age Joseph Anderson had an abusive childhood. By the time

he was eight years old, he had seen his mother with many men, of whom she

married three, the last husband being the most abusive. At thirteen, he ran

away from home looking for a better home and life to live but found, only

trouble. Not long after hitting the streets of Jacksonville, Florida he began to

drink, take drugs and use girls.

By the time he was sixteen he was living on the streets full time. For a

decade he wondered aimlessly. He recalls taking a hit of his friends purple

microdot LSD and tripping all night long. Joseph saw an uninterrupted

stream of pictures and shapes with a beautiful, kaleidoscopic play of colors

streaming around the room, but didn’t like it. It was too much. He felt dirty,

in need of a shower, and felt bad about the general direction of his life. After

several hours, the trip faded away and he finally passed out.

When Joseph revived his body the next morning, he squinted and pulled

back the curtains. The world was covered in ice from the storm; there wasn’t

a cloud in the sky and the morning sun reflected off everything. It hurt his

eyes but it was a beautiful sight. He opened the window to get some air. It

was cold and crisp and it felt good as the freshness filled his lungs. A new

day had dawned.

After seventeen years of drug and self-afflicted abuse Joseph cried out to

Jesus Christ to ask him, if he was real then to come down from heaven and

set him free. He did. A few weeks later Joseph attended a church service and

it was on that day that God revealed his similitude to him. Joseph saw and

felt the glory of God for a whole day. As he prayed, he heard and felt

currents of power rip through his body. He was experiencing something

strange; he didn’t know what was happening. He could not open his eyes

and it felt as if he was floating. The energy felt glorious. Joseph wanted to

stay in that place for eternity. Time Stopped Still. He felt mental illness;

fear, torment, pain, confusion, demons, and all darkness leave his body.

After a long while, the finger of God lifted enough for him to function.

Joseph felt a sense of awe and pureness. He stood in the entrance of the

church in awe. The atmosphere around him was more beautiful than it had

ever looked or smelled before. He felt peace.

Since that day Joseph has ministered on the streets from where he grew up.

He was given a free scholarship and graduated from the Jacksonville

Theological Seminary with a 4.0 grade point average and a bachelor’s

degree in education and masters in psychology and a doctorate in Theology.

On arriving to Los Angeles, Joseph spent time writing his book at a local

coffee shop beside Gower Studios. A Hollywood director named Thaddeus

saw him one day and asked him what he was writing about. Joseph

described to him a scene from the book. There was a silence in the coffee

shop, as all the customers were captivated by his story. The director sent

Joseph to a school run by Ivan Markota, the most famous acting coach in

Hollywood. When Ivan found out that he was a preacher he nicknamed

Joseph, Doc Hollywood and it stuck.

Dr. Joseph Anderson, now fondly known as Doc Anderson, has sold

everything to follow Jesus and started churches, different ministries, and

revivals, lived in crack houses and ministered the gospel of peace, clothes,

food and love to multitudes of hurting people in the United States and

abroad. Dr. Joseph Anderson has ministered revivals in Brazil, Africa,

Oklahoma, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, and North Carolina.

He has spoken on radio and appeared on television many times in the U.S.

around the world. In the revivals Doc Anderson has seen God save many

people and perform many miracles.

This remarkable story of Doc Anderson is now releasing his autobiography,

“From Punk to Worldwide Pastor Healer and Miracle Worker”. A movie

“From Punk to Pastor” and a documentary on his life’s work on the streets

of Hollywood California and in the crack houses called„ “Hollywood

Streets .

Doc Anderson will act in his debut movie and plans to make more that will

be a blessing to mankind. He is set to hold small, medium and large church

and stadium revival events in the United States and abroad. He has dedicated

his new life to change others lives. He will plant home churches wherever

he has a stadium event and maintain a presence in the neighborhood,

combating community deterioration, juvenile delinquency and relieving

government burdens, through the ministry of the gospel of peace.

Doc Joseph Anderson has a mandate from God to save the world one

person at a time.

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  1. Lana L. Boldi

    I can’t wait to see the movie and documentary!! I’m sure Doc Anderson has saved many lives! What an awesome person!

    April 22, 2011 at 9:27 am

    • I’m not eailsy impressed. . . but that’s impressing me! :)

      May 1, 2011 at 2:10 pm

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