"Shoot Films Not People"

The BOLD! People Awards

Lifeforce Foundations Presents:
The BOLD! People Awards
With The BP! Statue For
Helping Heal The World
By Being Responsible
And Carrying The


Random Acts of Kindness-unknown security cameras

Conscious Feature Film-3 Magic Words

Transforming Documentary-Discover The Gift

Enlightened Awards Speech

Enlightened TV Station-PBS

Positive TV Show-Undercover Boss

Responsible Film Maker-Birds Eating Plastic Caps

Investing in a Cause-Amy Domini

Inspiring Book-The Secret

World Leaders for Good-Martin Luther King Jr.

Visionary-Bob Marley

Misunderstood Voice-John Lennon

Deep Message in a video-Dj Saves World

Mind Lifting Event-Burning Man

Motivational Speaker-Deepak Chopra

Hero Award-Freeway Dog Saves Hit Dog

Amazing Story Award-Dog Saves Owners Life

Positive Community-Agape Rev. Beckwith

Medical Spiritual Leader-Dr. Wayne Dyer

Organization Carrying Positive Message-G.A.T.E. Jim Carrey

Celebrities Doing Good in the World-Brad Pitt/Angelina Jolie

Business Selling Positive Goods-Cafe Gratitude

Uplifting Music with a Message-T.J. Gibson

World Conscious Inventor-Nikola Tesla

Forward Thinking Conception-Corning Glass Computers

Gifted Seminar Leader-Marianne Williamson

Healthly Living Expert-Josh Berry/Lou Corona

Spreading the Love Award-Love Trends

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