"Shoot Films Not People"

Celebrity Clients, Friends and Associates

The Gary Marshall

Matthew Perry

Here is just a small list of our top 500+ Friends and Associates:

Pat O’Brien Shadoe Stevens Eli Jane

Tom Hiddleston star of Night Manager mini series on TMC

Big Bang Theory East Indian
Kunal Nayyar-Dr. Raj Koothrappali

Big Bang Theory Sheldon’s girl aka Blossom-Mayim Chaya Bialik

Big Bang Theory Beatles dude
Simon Maxwell Helberg-Howard Wolowitz

Big Bang Theory Short Blonde
Melissa Ivy Rauch-Dr. Bernadette Rostenkowski-Wolowitz

Big Bang Theory Penny’s husband
John Mark “Johnny” Galecki-Dr. Leonard Hofstadter

My dear friend and celebrity DJ Kenny Millen from BIG BANG THEORY

Boxing champ James Brock, Mike Tyson, Sugar Ray

Edward James Olmos

John Paul Mitchell interview at the LA Comedy Awards

My good friend and business partner Robert Rusler along with some great friends like Sir Anthony Hopkins, Josh Brolin, Matthew Perry, David Arquette, Robert Downey fyi and many more are asking for your help to make this movie…check it out!!!

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George Clooney
Steven Spielberg's son Sawyer Spielberg
Alex Meraz from Twilight
Booboo Stewart and Family
Robert Forster
Bart Simpson/Nancy Cartwright / Tom Cruise’s Cheif of Staff Michael Doven

Comedian Stevie Mack

Pat O’Brien from Entertainment Tonight
Jeremy Renner
Jessica Chastain, Anne Hathaway, Christopher Nolan
James Cromwell
Tamara Henry-interviewer to the stars
John Savage from the Deer Hunter

Ben Stein
Billy Crystal
Robin Williams
Fridays “TINY”
Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith
Shadoe Stevens
Rob and Chad Lowe
Nightmare On Elm Streets Robert Rusler
Matthew Perry and 1000′s more A-list actors from TV, Film and Theatre like

Gabrielle Union

Glenn Plummer
Superstar music producer Pharrell Williams-Neptunes

Esai Morales

Wayne Brady
Ron Perlman
Ferris Bueller’s Day Off Star Hal Sparks
John Paul Mitchell

Mark Walberg
My really good friend Homeland's David Marciano
Brian Austin Green
Darrell Rawlings David Chappelle Show
Toni Basil
Borat star Ken Davitian
Bobby Lee Mad TV

Erik Estrada aka Henry Enrique aka Ponch from C.H.i.Ps
Boys II Men at the Walk of FAME Star Ceremony
Jimmy Jam
Terry Lewis
Michael Bivens of New Edition
The President, CEO and Chairman of the Board of Hollywood
Matthew Lillard
Twilights Booboo and sister Fivel Stewart
80s legendary movie actor

James Brown family
Michael Jackson camp like bassist Alex Al
Shannen Doherty and Holly Marie Combs
Tons of Soap Stars
Tim Allen
Hank Azaria
Russell Brand and Katy Perry
Police Academy sexy star Leslie Easterbrook
Ellen Barkin
Bay Watches Tracy Bingham
Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown
My friend James Todd Smith aka LL Cool J
Katey Sagal from Married With Children and Sons of Anarchy

Rodney Dark Child Jerkins
The Mad TV cast like Debra Wilson, Bobby Lee, Mo Collins and Jilly
Andy Dick
Comedian Joey Madina
Peter O’Riordan from TMZ
Johnny V from the Scott Baios Show
21 Jump Street Steven Williams and Johnny
Eddie Griffin
Casper Van Dien

Paris Hilton and family
The DeBarge Family
Full Metal Jackets Tim Colceri aka The Door Gunner
Inside the Actors Studio James Lipton
Don Rickles, Sinatras, Dean Martins Wife, Jacksons
Kathy Hilton
Star of Witch Mountain/Real Beverly Hills HW Kim Richards
Pamela Bach Hasselhoff
Kim Kardashians and Bruce Jenner
Quentin Tarantino and father Tony Tarantino
Clint Eastwoods daughter Kimber Eastwood
Josh Brolin
Jack Nicholsons buddy the legendary John Garwood
Chard Hayworth Legendary Austrailan Personality
David Carradine and daughter Calista Miranda Carradine

Academy Award winner Mickey Rourke
James Brown Jr and Tomirae Brown
Verdine White bassist Earth Wind and Fire
2x Oscar nod Carol Conners
Michael Rooker
Golden Globe nominated Steven Bauer from Scarface
Boys to Men Michael McCary
Kevin Nealon of SNL and Weeds
Cookie from the Kat Williams Tour
Laverne and Shirley’s Penny Marshall and Cindy Williams
MTVs Fight Club Paco and Comedian Larry Hankin
Ray J
Emilio Rivera from Sons Of Anarchy

DL Hughley
Martin Landau
7x Emmy Winner Rich Skidmore
Christian Slater
Billy D Williams
Vince Vaughn and Iron Man director Jon Favreau
Dane Cook
Tommy Davidson
Fast Times Robert Romanus aka Damone
Bob Dylan
Melrose Place, Days of Our Lives, California Dreams Stars
Suge Knight
Dabney Coleman
Shawn Young
Ahmed Ahmed
Lead villan in Capt Phillip
Ice T and the Lovely Coco
El DeBarge Family
Legendary Radio DJ Rick Dees
Cutting edge DJ personality Richard Blade
Ricky Freeway Ross
Wu-Tang Clan
Madonnas Niki Haris
John Barrymore Drews Bro
Errol Flynns grand daughter Princess Coco Flynn
Dukes Of Hazzards John Schneider
Catherine Bach aka Daisy Duke
Wendi from Brides Maids
Katy Perry's best friend Shannon Woodward from Raising Hope
Jo Lo Truglio from Super Bad
Ray Wise from Creeper Jeepers, Robo Cop and Twin Peaks
Mary Kay Place from Rainmaker
Billy Ray writer of Hunger Games
India Menuez from Claire's Cambodia
Dennis Haysbert
Greg Edwards Manager, Adrian R'Mante Zack Cody Star, Rebecca Whitman Producer, Tony Boldi Distributor, Thomas Richards Agent and friends
Andy Dick
J.R. Martinez Dancing W The Stars winner
David Copperfeild
Napoleon Dynamites Efren Ramirez
Bono and Dodger Elvis
Members of kiss, guns n roses, billy idol, stone temple pilot, skid row, janes addiction, linda perry, limp biscut, dokken, frankie perez
Beatles Ringo Starr
Led Zeppelins Jimmy Page
Kiss Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons
Ozzy Sharon Kelly and Jack Osbourne
Guns n Roses Matt Sorum
The Nail Files Katie Cazorla
Punky Brewsters TK Carter
Shifty Shellshock Seth from Crazy Town
Entourages Mark Walberg
Joe Pesci

New York Times Best Selling Author Mike Bara
Men are from Mars Women are from Venus writer John Gray
Rasta and Tonyb
Super Bowl Commercial Rasta Terry Tate

Hall of Fame Marcus Allen
Super Bowl Champ Matthew Willig from Concussion
World Famous Body Builder Kevin Levrone
My dear friend Big T
UFC and MMA champions like Baz Rutten, Ken Shamrock, Mairice Mo Travis, Maverick, Kenny Johnson, Niki to name a few
Pro-Bowler Lorenzo Neil
Shaquille Shack Oneil
Los Angeles Lakers(2b)Dwight Howard
Top Shooting Coach in the NBA Charles "Chaz" Richardson
American Gladiator Romeo
Murphy Jensen winner of the French Open
Entertainment Tonights Pat O’Brien
Watch this video to see more celebrity photos…

The Dalai Lamas right hand
Los Angeles CA Mayor Villariagosa
Beverly Hills CA Mayor Jimmy Delshad
Ontario CA Mayor Paul Leon
Michigan Governer Jennifer Granholm
Lt. Governer CA Gavin Newsom
Senator Carl Levin
Senator Hillary Clinton
President Bill Clinton
Vice President Al Gore
Presidental Green Party Jill Stein
President of the AFL-CIO (Mi)
Warren Beatty Annette Bening

Bud Bundy aka David Faustino
Friends Neighbor Larry Hankin
Home Improvement/Saved By The Bell Stars
Patty Healy
Gabrielle Union
Tons of Playboy Bunnies
The Girls Next Door including Brittney Binger
Fresh Prince and Friends Uncle Phil and Gunthar
Marianne Williamson New York Times Best Seller (x6)
4 Agreements Author Don Miguel Ruiz
Lisa Nichols from The Secret
Agape's and Celebrity Host Paul Ryan
The Secrets Rev. Dr. Michael Beckwith founder of Agape
Grammy Nominated Rev. Marvin Sapp
Legonds Bishop Carlton and Tim Storey
TBNs Bishop McClendon
Take Fives Tilky Jones
World Reknowned Singer Song Writer TJ Gibson

Kid Rock aka Robert James Bob Ritchie
Kid n Plays Chris Reid
Al B Sure
Lionel Richies God son Ryan King from the Commodores family
Alexa Vega Spy Kids Star
80s Popstar Tiffany
Backstreet Boys Howie Dorough
Backstreet Boys Kevin Richardson
Michael Jacksons/Jay Lenos Wayne Linsey
The Prince Twinz Maya and Nandy McClean
Grammy winner Guns-n-Roses Skip Saylor
Stevie Wonders drummer Stan Lee
My boy from the Black Eyed Peas Dj Poet
Lead singer Great White
Enrique Iglesias Laura Jane
Googoo Dolls David Shultz
Fishbones lead singer Angelo Moore
Baby Bash Curtis Byrd
Verve Pipe
Counting Crows David Immergluck
Van Halen
Barbara Streisands George Michalski
LMFAOs Stevie and father Barry Gordy
Suzanne de Passe who discovered Michael Jackson
Rodney Jerkins of Dark Child
Lil Playy and family
Joey Covington Jefferson Airplane drummer
Jefferson Airplane drummer Joey Covington
Evanesence and Creeds Manager Mighty Mike Quinn
Smashing Pumpkins Jimmy Chamberlin
Def Leppards drummer Rick Allen
Tools Maynard Keenan
Rage Against the Machines Tom Morello
Steve Stevens of Billy Idol and Michael Jackson
Nine Inch Nails Trent Reznor
Jane Addictions David Navarro
Guns n Roses drummer Matt Sorum
Chile Peppers Anthony Kiedis
Ministrys Al Jourgensen
Tommy Lee
Williams S. Burroughs
Timothy Leary
Golden Globe Winner Sally Kirkland
3 Doors Down lead singer Brad Arnold
Taylor Dayne
Chaka khan
Tina Marie
Whitney Houston
Jessica Simpson
Britney Spears
Christina Aguilera
Tori and Randy Spelling
Ian and Nikki Ziering
OJ Simpson/Playboy Model Faye Resnick
Donald Trumps Marla Maples
Top choreographer in the world like Travis Payne
Taco Michael Jacksons top Dancer, MC Hammers lead dancer Bazerk, Fresh Princes Alfonzo, Dancing with the stars Sasha and more like
Toni Basil
J Lo Choreographer Chris Judd
Carmen Electra
Top Model CC Fontana
The infamous Jesse Jane
Training Day/Nash Bridges Jaime Gomez
Anthony Quinns son Alex Quinn
Academy Nominated Jeremy Renner
Orlando Bloom
Mark Feuerstein
General Hospitals Sonny aka Maurice Benard
Top pro skater/commercial actor Preston Acuff
Charmed Brian Krause
Julia Ling
Our next action hero Paul Logan and friends
Pirates of the Carribean Isaac Singleton Jr

Top commercial actor Michael Cutt
Lee Strasbergs protege John Sarno
The Simpsons Family
Academy Award winning directors, casting directors, producers
Robert Evans, Avi Lerner, Elie Samaha, Nick Cassavetes, John Daly, Michael Bay
Warner Bros Jim Cardwell
MGM, CAA, Playboy, HBO President Jim Griffiths
Harvey Lowry, Jeff Rice, Jeff Most, Mark Ordesky, Rosemary Carr, Mary Jo Slatter, Andrew Lazar, Jimmy Cummings, Michelle MacLaren
Academy Award Winning Producer Mark Johnson
Tom Cruise’s Award Winning Producer Paula Wagner and Michael Doven
Top DP-Directors Robert Zemeckis, Ivan Reitman, Victor Goss
Demian Lichtenstein director 3000 Miles to Graceland and Discover the gift
Mark Lansky, Mike Flint and company
Reality King Andrew Glassman, PlayboyTV Casting Director Sam Rima
Moguls like Aaron Spelling, BrĂ­an Gersh, Gary Gersh
Former Sony Green Light Guy Victor Elizalde
E! Entertainment Co-Founder Larry Namer
Head of BET programing Steven Hill
Sony Award Winning Post Production Leaders like Ben Benedetti and
Top Sony sound guys like Bernard Weiser and
Foley King Vincent Guisetti
Heads of all the major studios and networks like Lions Gate, Disney, NBC, HBO, Showtime, FOX, Paramount, CBS, Warner Brothers, E, BET, TMZ and on and on and on
Top Foreign Distributor James Dudelson Blairwood Entertainment
Head writters for SnL and Monk Andy and David Breckman
Writing icons and creaters of shows like Die Hard, Jaws, Twilight, Hunger Games, Two and Half Men, Big Bang Theory, Darma and Greg, Nash Bridges, Tosh 2.0
Wyck Godfrey, Mark Morgan, Shane Black, Billy Ray, Suzanne Collins, Chuck Lorre, Shawn Ryan, Nick Malis, Dan Fante, Johnathan Shaw, Jerry Stahl, etc
Top composers like The Simpsons composer Alf Clausen
Composer Deddy Tzur
Top TV composer Velton Ray Bunch
Bourne franchise director
Lewis Teague Director of Cujo and Dukes of Harzard Reunion
Randy Carter 1st AD from Seinfeld Godfather and Apocalypse
John Dykstra SPX creator for Star Wars
Drew Struzan famed Illustrator for George Lucas and Harrison Ford Movies

The Clippers Owner Billionaire Donald Sterling

Famous business leaders, including Roger Ailes, Mary Kay Ash, Steve Ballmer, P. T. Barnum, Bruce Barton, Jeff Bezos, Michael Bloomberg, John C. Bogle, Richard Branson, Warren Buffett, Leo Burnett, Andrew Carnegie, Steve Case, Michael Dell, W. Edwards Deming, Barry Diller, Walt Disney, Patrick Dixon, Bernie Ecclestone, Larry Ellison, Malcolm Forbes, Henry Ford, Bill Gates, Jay Gould, Alan Greenspan, Kenneth C. Griffin, Andy Grove, Lee Iacocca, Steve Jobs, Philip Knight, Ken Lay, John Mackey, Michael Milken, Rupert Murdoch, Ross Perot, T. Boone Pickens, Sumner Redstone, John D. Rockefeller, Colonel Sanders, Howard Schultz, Charles Schwab, George Soros, Kerry Stokes, John Templeton, Donald Trump, Ted Turner, Paul A. Volcker, Sam Walton, Thomas J. Watson, Jack Welch, Meg Whitman, Oprah Winfrey, Gordon Wu, and Mortimer Zuckerman

Heads of Studios like Paramounts Robert Evans and Alan Bailey, Warners Bros Kenny Ortega and Paolo Ferrari , Sonys Victor Elizalde, Foxs Rupert Merdoch,
Universals Christopher Meledandri and Fox Sports Lance Robins

Top publicists like Michael Levine, Elliot Mintz and Jay Bernstein

Top star teachers like Gary Spatz, Ivan Markota, Peggy Feurys daughter Stepany Feury, Alan Feinstein, Joanne Baron, Howard Fine, Robert Mitchums grand son Bently Mitchum and so on

Legendary agent Just Omar and Omars Men creator Omar Alberto
Dancing with the Stars Albert Reed
Tony Award Winners like my friend Peter
Heiress and top models of all kinds like
Jamie Hilfiger

Ms. Universe
Miss USA
Miss Puerto Rico
Miss California
Miss Iran
Miss Michigan
Miss Arkansas
Miss Wyoming
Miss Nebraska
as well as many of the Miss USA finalists
and tons of the American Idol finalists
and many many many more…
and for even more pixs click here

Above photo had 6 of my most favorite people in one picture…WOW…Demian Lichtenstein director of 3000 Miles to Graceland, celebrity comedian and Agape host Paul Ryan (RIP), Larry Hankin from Friends and Seinfeld, Michael McCary from Boys II Men, my beautiful wife Rebecca and 90 year old father-in-law Dr. Whitman, M.D….next to them not pictured was Hank Azaria from Herman’s Head and The Simpsons and Rev.Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith from The Secret and founder of Agape whom officiated our wedding…invited but couldn’t make it were my good friends Stevie Gordy from LMFAO, Chris Reed from Kidd n Play and Dj Poet from Black Eyed Peas…amazing moment in time!!!

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