"Shoot Films Not People"

REELS with Real Celebrities

Celebrity Reels – “we insert the celebrity!”

1. Do you have a professional actors reel?

2. Have you appeared in a project with a celebrity?

3. Have you ever auditioned for a show and not booked it?

4. Have you had a headache trying to get your footage from a director?

5. Want to find an affordable way to star in your own short film?

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Samples below:

Check out this remix of Brittany Binger we shot!

Here is just a small list of our top 500+ Friends and Associates:
John Paul Mitchell interview at the LA Comedy Awards

My good friend Robert Rusler and some of his friends are asking for your help to make his movie…check it out!

Click here to see a small list of a few of the celebrities we have worked with…

BONUS CUTS (A must see edit!)

Check out these re-cut trailers switching them from horror to comedy and thrillers to family films, etc! Amazing what an editor can do for you and your reel…hint, hint!!!