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Great day of brain storming at the 10x Summit via Peacelinklive.com.
“I can transform so you can transform so we can transform IT!!!
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In honor of Gandhi’s birthday Oct 2, 1869!
Peacelink Live’s 10x Summit Challenge: 
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My wife Rebecca Whitman-Boldi, my producing partners Harvey Lowry, 
Brian Perry, Devin Reeve and Kimber Eastwood.

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Dear Tony, Greetings from London.

I am a supporter and a friend of Nandi and Michael Perlin for whom our US based book publisher hosted European Premiere of 3 Magic Words on December 21, 2012. Thank You to Divine Brother Nandhi for this introduction.

Tony, I am in the process of bringing forth for March 2015 an event that promises to line itself equally with BAFTAs or Oscars, but unlike these two platforms, we are to honour the lives and works of pioneering personalities of our times whose groundbreaking work has and is making an important impact of the evolution of human consciousness, through all forms of media.In 2015, four pioneering personalities will grace their presence at the Grand Unted Lodge Of England, West End, London, where their life journey will be reviewed in one to one style show.

At the end of the event, on day two, they will be presented with Transformational Media Excellence Awards. Many of their close associates, friends and fans will pre-record and send ahead of time, their congratulations.

We are looking at collaborating with Hollywood personalities shoe work is also making a huge impact, present and past films and documentaries, and we hope we can get you onboard as our Transformational Media Excellence Honorary Ambassador, USA.

With the formula we have created for 2015 event, hosting a rainbow carpet awards Gala in Hollywood, would be an integral part in marrying mainstream with spiritual, metaphysical, well being, quantum science, conscious films and documentaries, both independent and studio – this is what we set to do, Pioneer A Conscious Art Of Entertainment. 

On this note, I would be most honoured if Nandhi and his team can grant my company Fusion Express Entertainment Ltd a Conscious Enterprise Certification, to set in motion an opportunity and advertising for other organisations in the field to adopt it. 

Sincerely yours

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Tony Boldi asks:
Is your business conscious? Let us know and we will send you a certification for your patrons to look for! 
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